Alliant CRM

An integrated CRM module to anticipate, track and resolve customer service issues!

Create, track, edit and close service tickets manually to create a complete service history - by customer. Or, automatically have the system create, assign and notify users about events that occur in the system, such as a reminding you that a customer's service agreement is expiring soon or their credit card is about to expire.  

Alliant CRM - a proactive approach to CRM!


A Full-Featured Customer Service Module

Create, edit and view service tickets for your customers right in the system you are already using every day!

  • Create new service tickets quickly
  • Select from existing customer contacts or create new contacts on the fly
  • View recent service tickets directly from the customer screen
  • Personalized dashboards for each user or role in the company
  • Use service ticket templates to create tickets for common or recurring service issues with a single click
Alliant Conference Room

Automated Email Notifications and Escalation

Update key staff automatically as tickets are created, edited and/or closed

  • Notify individual users based on the customer, route or type of service issue
  • Notify one or multiple users
  • Use standard email templates or create your own
  • Set up escalation rules to remind users, or reassign the ticket, if not resolved in a certain time frame
Alliant CRM - Automated Email Notification and escalation

System Events - A Proactive Approach to CRM!

Customer service issues are a part of doing business.  Alliant CRM can help you get in front of problems quicker to keep small problems from becoming big ones.

  • Let the system create, prioritize, assign and notify users when certain 'events' occur in the system
  • Examples include:
    • A customer just stopped service on an item
    • A customer's contract renewal date is coming in 90 days
    • A customer is going to get billed for damage on their upcoming invoice
    • A stockroom order is going to be late for the customer
    • The customer just went from current to carrying an over-30 balance
    • ...and many more!
Alliant - Service Tickets

Use Alliant CRM Anywhere

Alliant CRM includes a web-based version that can be used anywhere on any device with internet access!

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