Alliant Stockroom

Track your inventory and reduce merchandise costs

Track garments, flat goods and entrance mats throughout the rental cycle by using barcodes and/or RFID tags to streamline operations, manage your investment, help you utilize existing inventory when possible and reduce new merchandise costs. 

Alliant Stockroom - Alliant Stockroom

A Total Garment Tracking Solution

The key to getting your front office and stockroom on the same page

  • Activity keyed in the office automatically generates stockroom fulfillment documents for new orders, exchanges, size changes or replacements
  • Billing is automatically triggered as orders are filled in the stockroom
  • Complete history for every garment from first issue to ragout
  • Pick-up and delivery history reports available - by customer - eliminate shortages!
  • Automatically bill for damage
  • Track and bill for stopped items that are not returned automatically
  • Track inventory, grade and usage of gently used on-hand garments to get the most out of your investment
  • Interfaces with industry sorting systems
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Mat Tracking

Enhanced inventory and production controls for circulating mat inventories

  • Tag individual mats with RFID to track through the rental cycle
  • Provide real-time production instructions for route building to reduce the number of touches for each mat
  • Ensure the correct number of mats are loaded, by route, and returned, by route - daily
  • Identify shortages and missing mats
  • Accommodates both generic, and customer-specific, mats
Mat Cart

Chipped Linen

Track and control circulating flat-good inventories with UHF (ultra high frequency) RFID tags

  • Control merchandise costs
  • Track pieces delivered, and returned, by customer
  • Save time by bundling on the clean side
  • Scan out pieces, in bulk, by route or customer
  • Identify, and bill, for pieces not returned
  • Greater visibility of lost, damaged and unreturned product - by customer
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