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Today, some operators want to host their applications and servers locally. Others don’t want the hassle of hosting and maintaining their own servers. With the release of the Alliant Cloud, both options are now available.

The choice is yours!

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The Alliant Cloud is a completely hosted environment to run your Alliant Software Suite.

Because the cloud option works with the current version of Alliant, no new end-user training is required.

  • Private
  • Scalable
  • Web Access
  • Secure
  • Plant Connectivity
  • Available Today!
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Alliant Cloud eliminates the following costs and maintenance from the operator:

  • Database & Application Server
  • IIS Server for handhelds and Alliant Online connectivity
  • Microsoft Server licensing
  • Microsoft SQL licensing
  • Backups included with optional disaster recovery services
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Benefits of Alliant Cloud

  • All IT Setup and monitoring of the environment provided
  • Continuous updates and patches automatically applied
  • Always runs the latest version of Alliant
  • Ready to implement optional Alliant modules quickly
  • Provides operational peace of mind
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