Service Delivery

Make life easier for your customers

Turn your RSRs into heroes on the route by putting a powerful mobile app in their hands, allowing them to spend more time servicing the customer, not managing paper and manual processes. Give them a full-featured service module to track and notify your team of customer-related requests. Finally, provide a full-featured, self-service portal to your customer and empower them to manage their account, view and pay invoices, and manage common delivery requests.

  Alliant Mobile®

  Alliant Service Module®

  Alliant Online®

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Route Savings

  • Eliminate costly forms and manual adjustments
  • Automatically enforce business rules on the route
  • Invoice signature capture
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Real Time Mobile Functions

  • Invoices emailed upon signature
  • New order requests
  • Inventory changes
  • Service notes
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Front Office Savings

  • Eliminate post-delivery invoice adjustments
  • Eliminate filing and invoice retrieval
  • Eliminate manual route settlement
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Improved Customer Experience

  • Track every service issue
  • Automated email notifications and ticket escalation
  • Automated workflows for proactive service management
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Customer Portal

  • Modern design and simple to use
  • A self-service option for your customers
  • View, and pay, invoices online
  • PCI-compliant credit card & ACH transactions
  • Submit account maintenance requests
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Alliant Software Suite

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