Delivery Management

Turn your RSR into a superstar on the route

  • Eliminate costly forms
  • Stop manually adjusting invoices
  • Automatically enforce business rules on the route
  • Customer signature capture
  • Signed invoices emailed instantly
  • Clean and accurate invoicing
  • Record service issues and perform basic maintenance functions
  • Present a professional image
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Alliant Mobile For AndroidTM

Arm your route service representatives (RSR's) with the tools to succeed on the route!

Alliant Mobile will simplify the daily activities of route service and route settlement personnel, and provide a complete audit trail of the RSR's activities. Let them do the job you hired them to do - professionally service your customers rather than spending time making manual adjustments, calculations and filling out unnecessary paperwork!

  • Real-time Data
  • Electronic Signature
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Real-time Sync Options
  • Alliant ROI Calculator
Alliant Mobile - Alliant Mobile for Android

Service Module

An integrated Service Module to anticipate, track and resolve customer service issues!

Create, track, edit and close service tickets manually to create a complete service history - by customer. Or, automatically have the system create, assign and notify users about events that occur in the system, such as a reminding you that a customer's service agreement is expiring soon or their credit card is about to expire.  

Alliant Service Module - a proactive approach to customer service!

  • Auto-ticket Creation
  • Service Web Portal
  • Email Integration

Alliant Online (Customer Portal)

Empower customers with a Customer Portal 

  • Manage requests online for:
    • New Wearers
    • Quit Wearers
    • Size Change Requests
  • Account Information
    • Invoices
    • Statements
    • Payment Activity
    • Garment activity by wearer or location
    • Summary of items delivered and serviced
  • Make Payments Online
    • Credit Card
    • ACH (Available Jan. 2024)
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Alliant Software Suite

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